Landlords face changes to legislation.

“There are a lot of problems that the landlords face at the moment. We’ve had lots of changes to the legislation from right to rent etc.

“But moving forward there’s going to be changes on the horizon. Right now landlords are faced with financial difficulties in terms of mortgage lending, interest rates, tax relief and the three per cent stamp duty surcharges.

“Now we can help with all of this. It isn’t all doom and gloom. Moving forward, we offer a number of schemes that we can actually help and support our landlords and investments. The leasing scheme is a really positive scheme for landlords especially in this current climate because they are guaranteed their rent. Basically we’re leasing the property from the landlord. We are taking all the stress and the strain.”

In what way? “We have housing officers that work on the ground and intensively manage the properties so we are basically managing the property as if it were our own so all the safety regulations and red tape that we have to go through like the gas safety checks all the health and safety checks that we have to do fire assessment checks etc are all completed by us. Any legal requirements that are needed for example in anti social behavior or if we need to evict a tenant or even in recovery of rent arrears all comes on us.

“So the landlord every month gets his rent no matter if that property is void or if we have got a tenant in situ who isn’t actually paying the rent. In addition we cover repairs so we have a dedicated repairs team that works three hundred and sixty five days a year twenty four hours. So your property is covered so if a tenant has a problem with a tap or a broken down boiler they will ring us and we will get it sorted.

“We’ll actually cover the cost for that also we will only ever come to you if we have a structural problem. We work with professional landlords that have an extensive portfolio to landlords that just want one or two properties and they want to be nurtured. They want that safety and the security that they know that long term down the line that their pension is going to pay off.”