New homes opened in Yorkshire for people with learning disabilities

Three new properties have been opened by Humankind Housing in Tong near Bradford to provide homes for people who have learning disabilities.The homes – on the site of a former police station and cells – will provide much needed accommodation for people who will be allocated their homes by Bradford City Council.

Claire McCreanor, Director of Humankind Housing, said: “This is a very worthwhile development for the local areas and we are so pleased to have been able to facilitate this with the help of a grant of over £340,000 from Homes England.

“Most of all, we hope these properties will provide happy homes for the people who live there.”

The building work began after the former police station was bought from the Phillips family in July, 2016. The family were very keen for the home to be developed into something that would help people with learning disabilities or other support needs to maintain their independence. Two of the properties will bear the family name.

Phillips family member Yvonne Woodhead, was invited to cut the ribbon to open the development. Her daughter Laura had learning disabilities.

Yvonne said: “I am absolutely delighted. It’s lovely that these homes have been built for people in need in our local area. This means a great deal to our family.  Eight of us grew up in the old police station.“And we are so proud that our name is associated with a development which will be of real help to others.”

The station building itself had to be almost completely rebuilt. Adjacent holding cells were knocked down to make way for two of the properties.

The development, which includes four, one bedroom self-contained flats, will house a total of ten people with learning disabilities. There will be sleep-in cover to ensure that they have support around the clock.

Claire said: “This is a major achievement for Humankind. We are a social landlord and this is the first time we’ve built new properties for people in housing need.

“We’re now an Investment Partner of Homes England and have a programme in place of building and bringing into use some 50 other properties for people in housing need across the North East and in Yorkshire.”