Quality and tenant empowerment co-ordinator – Sam Palmer

Sam Palmer play   “I like my job because it gets me involved in all sorts of things from the compliance side of things to meeting our tenants and seeing how we;re doing and seeing the impact that Humankind and Humankind Housing are having.

“They will come to us looking for some sort of support and we can provide that whether it’s with the actual accommodation but also with Humankind Independent Living who provide on hand support for the tenants to enable them to live independently in the future.

“The dynamics of the team are really good and we provide lots of support, varied support, to service users and it’s great seeing people come at a moment of need and being able to them flourish and grow and learn new skills and be able to live independently in the future. Humankind Housing is quite a small team, probably one of the smallest teams I guess in the whole of Humankind. We’re quite new.

“We’re a registered provider and we have about a dozen people but again, like Humankind as a whole, we are growing. We’ve taken on new members of staff – housing officers as well as maintenance staff, we also have an apprentice doing administration work, we have a volunteer as well working within Humankind Housing. It’s a good and supportive group. We help each other out and strong management skills as well from Claire (McCreanor).”